DNA OF GEORGIA mission is to provide convenient, affordable and reliable services in the areas of paternity. Ensuring the correct parental consent, rights and procedures for adoption and inheritance issues.

Paternity Test

Paternity testing of DNA determines whether a man would be the biological father of a child. We all inherit our DNA (the genetic material) from our biological Mother and Father. A DNA paternity test compares a child's pattern DNA with that of the alleged father (af) to look for evidence of this inheritance — the most definitive process of a biological relationship.

The result

The result of a paternity DNA test is either an exclusion (the alleged father (af) is not the biological father), or an inclusion (the alleged father (af) is considered the biological father). For a standard paternity DNA test, our lab guarantees at least 99.99% probability of paternity for inclusion or 100% certainty of exclusion.

Chain of Custody

Our lab's paternity DNA test uses the Chain of Custody to ensure that you receive accurate and legally defensible results. For all of our lab DNA testing services, we:

Run each test twice, following the most rigid procedures to guarantee accurate and conclusive results. Our lab follows a rigid Chain of Custody to ensure results are legally admissible. Our lab maintains confidentiality of each case using rigid communications procedures. We can schedule convenient appointments close to your home or office.

Tested Parties

In a standard paternity DNA test, the test includes a child, the alleged father (af), and the mother (called a trio). The mother's participation in the paternity DNA test helps to exclude half of the child's DNA, leaving the other half for comparison with the alleged father's (af's) DNA. However, we can perform a paternity DNA test without the mother's participation (called motherless), which involves additional analysis, without any additional charge. Results are equally conclusive whether or not the mother participates. Motherless tests are guaranteed to have at least a 99.9% probability of paternity for inclusion and 100% for exclusion.

We also can test additional children or alleged fathers(af's) if needed; there is an additional DNA test and analysis fee for each additional tested person.

Sample Collection

The buccal (cheek) swab is a painless process to collect samples. Allowing our clientele to choose a sample collection appointment convenient for them.

Chain of Custody Process

Samples are collected using a rigid Chain of Custody documentation. This ensures your results will be accepted by courts and any other government agencies.

Special DNA Paternity Testing Options

We work with clientele who would like to know the paternity DNA relationship(s) even before the child is born. Alternatively, we can use umbilical cord blood taken at birth-this DNA option is less expensive than the prenatal test, which requires a special process performed by an OB—GYN.

We can also DNA test unusual samples when the father is missing or deceased based on a DNA viability test performed on the samples.

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