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DNA OF GEORGIA mission is to provide convenient, affordable and reliable services in the area of tests. Ensuring the correct process of procedures. To offer an effective solution.

  DNA Predisposition Testing  
Now you can discover your genetics for aging including general health issues, immune system, cancers, cardiovascular conditions and much more.

  Our Laboratory DNA Predisposition Test covers these conditions  

  Aging Cardiovascular Cancers Immune System General Health  
  Macular degeneration Aneurysm Bladder Cancer Lupus Obesity  
  Alzheimer's Atrila fibrillation Breast Cancer Graves' disease Migrane  
  Osteoarthritis Heart disease Colorectal Cancer Celiac disease Type 1 diabetes  
  Rheumatoid Arthritis Peripheral arterial disease Gastric Cancer Multiple sclerosis Type 2 diabetes  
    Venous thromboembolism Lung Cancer Psoriasis    
      Prostate Cancer      
      Skin Cancer      

Our lab offers a non-invasive self administered DNA collection system which is FDA reviewed and patented. This process is simple to do, easy to understand and just takes several minutes to complete. Just follow the instructions included to send a small sample of DNA back to our laboratory. Everything comes in the kit including the special mailing envelope.  
  Our lab is a leader in personalized genetic testing and accredited. Our lab reveals your genetic predisposition for important health conditions giving you the knowledge to make a more informed decision using the latest technology and sciences. The test gives you a snapshot of your genome. These conditions are validated according to ISO 17025 requirements as well as a stringent internal review process. The report is supported by reproducible and sound scientific results.
  The predictive power of DNA is real  
  Our lab will identify key markers in your DNA and if present you could develop serious diseases prematurely. This is the concept of the genetic test to look at your DNA and by ordering this test in a sense, you will be able to look at your future and take the steps in avoiding these diseases before they develop.  
  The DNA test has strong and meaningful coverage  
Scientists always study the most significant and common conditions first and consequently their genetic causes. Our lab testing service can reveal your genetic predisposition for conditions and 25 diseases. The fact that these conditions covered by this service, account for a majority of all causes of natural deaths in the industrialized world, implying a meaningful and strong coverage. Your report can grow with time as updates can be offered to participants at additional discounted prices.  


DNA of Georgia | DNA Predispositon Test | Immigration | Paternity | Forensic | Accreditation | Contact Us

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